Dog stuck on wrong side of barrier outside Windsor grabs attention on television

The royal couples, dubbed the Fab Four, united in grief yesterday as they arrived at Windsor to meet mourning fans paying respects to the late Queen. Despite it being the most sad of times, an unruly dog managed to make spectators smile – as it found itself stuck on the wrong side of the barrier live on air.

In the video footage, the small dog can be seen desperately trying to break free from its owners grasp and greet the Royals on the other side. While a firm hand holds its collar, the pooch tugs and pulls away from the gate, getting near the Queen’s grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, as they climbed into a car with the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the mischievous pooch on screen and took to TikTok to share their amusement.

Many people said it bought laughter at a dark time and found the cheeky dog endearing.

“The star of the show,” one person said, while a second agreed: “Definitely stole the show for me.”

TikTokers described the dog as “stubborn” and wondered how it had got over the gate, though some suggested it had crawled underneath through a gap.

A few fans of the Queen said she would have enjoyed the moment, being an avid dog lover and owner of dozens of pups.

“Her majesty would’ve found that funny,” someone said, while another commented: “The Queen would have loved this. She loved dogs.”

Moments after the Royals drove away from the scene, a member of security was filmed passing the dog back over the barrier.

Someone said: “I saw this live. The way she gave it back and its arms just stuck up in the air.”

A second wrote: “I kept thinking someone help that dog,” to which a user responded: “I’m so glad they caught it being lifted back over on camera. Otherwise I would have been worrying about it afterwards!”

There were audible gasps when the royal couples – not seen in public together for 915 days – emerged at Windsor shoulder-to-shoulder to meet fans.

After handshakes, hugs, smiles, tears and bunches of flowers, the couples left in the same vehicle – a small but symbolic gesture of togetherness.

Angela Thomas said: “It was absolutely incredible to see the brothers together again. They were really tactile and looked close. It’s emotional. I just hope this means they can properly repair their relationship because that’s what the Queen would have wanted.”

Amanda Hackman, 49, of Thatcham, Berks, said: “I got emotional to see Harry. When Meghan got out of the car too, well, we just gasped.”