Mum captures cloud formation of ‘Paddington Bear pouring tea for the Queen’

A cloud formation that some said looks like Paddington Bear pouring a cup of tea for the Queen was captured on camera the day after Her Majesty the Queen died.

Jane Huskisson took the “poignant” photo early Friday morning in Burgh le Marsh, Linconshire.

The 49-year-old first recognised the renowned children’s character Paddington Bear before noticing another shape form in the clouds which resembled the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Social media users have taken on their own interpretations of cloud formations, with some also seeing Prince Phillip who passed away in April last year

Jane’s daughter, Staceyanne Huskisson shared the image to a Facebook group on Saturday writing: “Photo my mum took yesterday morning. How amazing is this.”

The post has since gained over 3,500 likes and more than 500 comments from people.

One person said: “I see Philip and the smiling Queen.”

Staceyanne responded: “We originally thought of the Queen and Paddington Bear.”

Another wrote: “I saw the Queen talking to her corgi standing on two feet.”

A third commented: “The Queen on the left and Paddington on the right holding a cup and saucer.”

A fourth added: “The Queen and Annie, her beloved corgi.”

And another said: “The Queen and Paddington is pouring her tea from a teapot.”

Jane, from Croft, Lincolnshire, said: “We were waiting for a car boot sale to start but due to the weather it was cancelled.

“Me and my husband were just cloud watching because it was the only thing else to do.

“We joked and said that one looked like Paddington and that the other one looked like the queen looking up at him.

“It was quite poignant.

“It was nice, we were listening to all the ballads playing on the radio. It was quite a surreal morning.”

The late queen filmed an endearing sketch with Paddington Bear during her Platinum Jubilee in June this year. The two are seen having afternoon tea together and at one point her majesty pulls a marmalade sandwich out of her handbag.

When her death was announced on Thursday, Paddington tweeted: “Thank you Ma’am, for everything”.

Many people have been leaving Paddington Bears and marmalade sandwiches, but charity Royal Parks, which looks after Green Park near Buckingham Palace, has asked the public to refrain from doing so, and only leave organic, compostable material. Wrappers should be taken off flowers. Cards however are allowed.

Jane isn’t the first Brit to have spotted a vision of the late Queen amongst the clouds over recent days.

Multiple people across the UK have been taking photographs showing the outline of Her Majesty’s familiar silhouette forming in the sky.

Leanne Bethell was one of them. She took pictures of a Queen-like formation in the skies above the A4169 in Telford, Shropshire just moments after the monarch’s death was announced.

She says her daughter Lacey was first to point out the glowing figure, shouting: “Oh my God” repeatedly.